Temples in Guhagar

With many outstanding temples in and around, Guhagar is a temple town in all regards. Temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva like Vyadeshwar, Talkeshwar, Udaleshwar, Velneshwar, Balkeshwar and a temple of Ufrata Ganapati Guhagar truely lives upto its reputation. Durga Vyadeshwari Devi temple complex is another prominent temple in Guhagar.

Vyadeshwar temple located at the mouth of the pathway to the Guhagar beach is the most prominent temple amongst the scores of temples in Guhagar. A Shiva temple built in Panchayatana style Vyadeshwar temple has shrines of Sun, Ganesh, Parvati and Vishnu around it and a statue of Nandi in front of the main shrine.

Valukeshwar mandir

Temples around Guhagar

Velneshwar Shiva temple

The Velneshwar Shiva temple is located right at the mouth of the way leading to the pristine Velneshwar beach. The village is built around this ancient temple. The deep stambh is the first thing that one would notice of the temple. Velneshwar temple is dedicated to Shiva and there are multiple smaller temples within the temple complex. The temple was recently painted and currently has a very contemporary and bright color scheme.

Dashabhuja Ganpati - Hedvi

The Laxmi - Ganesh Temple is located in Hedvi about 22 Kms from Guhagar bus depot. Carved in white stone beleived to be from the Kashmir region the idol is 3 feet high with ten hands, hence the name 'Dashabhuja Ganapati'. This symbolic idol of Ganesha as the warrior and protector can rarely be seen anywhere else. The temple is located atop a small hillock and the entire area is well maintained with good roads rigt uptil the temple and tiled surroundings.

Uma - Maheshwar temple

About 2 kms from the Hedvi temple along the rocky black sand beach is the Uma - Maheshwar temple. The temple is located right at the start of the way to Bahman ghal a major attraction of Hedvi. Brahmanghal is a rare natural phenomenon where continous gradation of the rocks by the sea has created a gorge in the black rock patch about 20 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide. The sea water gushes in and a water column rises through this gorge above the rocks

Temples in Guhagar

Vyadeshwar Mandir

Vyadeshwar mandir is the most prominent temple in Guhagar and is one of the most visited temples in Guhagar. Vyadeshwar mandir has the idol of Nandi placed facing the main shrine. Vyadeshwar mandir is a panchayatan temple with temples of Ganesha Ambika Laxmi-Narayana and Surya Narayana at its four corners.

Durga Devi Mandir

The Durga Devi Temple is kul devata of many brahmin clans. The Durga devi mandir is located at walking distance from the vyadeshwar mandir with a pond in the premises. Devicha khamb is a pillar in the Durga devi mandir erected to mark the location of the original temple at the time of reconstruction of the new temple.

Valukeshwar Mandir

Valukeshwar mandir is located at the southern end of Guhagar in Asgoli. Valukeshwar Devsthan is a very old temple and is believed to be from the times of 'puranas'. There is a pillar in the temple with an inscription of the name of Lokmanya Tilak at the devasthan. The temple is located very close to the sea and offer beautiful views.

Talkeshwar Temple Guhagar

Talkeshwar temple along with the Anjanvel light house is located about 15 kms from Guhagar town. Perched atop a steep hillock the place offers panoramic view of the sea and is a nice place to visit escpecially in the evening.

Talkeshwar temple is dedicated to Shiva and was built along with the lighthouse.

Anjanvel light house, or the Talkeshwar lighthouse is perched upon a small hillock offering some breathtaking views of the vast expanse of the Arabian sea and the confluence of the Vashishti river and Arabian sea. One could visit the Talkeshwar temple along with a visit to the light house or vice versa

Talkeshwar Temple