Beaches in Guhagar

Extending from Baug to the north and Asgoli to its south, Guhagar beach is a long stretch of beach lined with shady Suru trees extending for almost 6 Kms! Although there are many entry points to access the beach the main entry point to the Guhagar beach is behind the Vyadeshwar temple approximately 100mts from the Guhagar bus depot.

Guhagar beach is the main beach and also the most prominent tourist attraction in Guhagar taluka. Thanks to the local administration which plays an active role in keeping the beach clean, Guhagar beach is amongst the cleanest beaches in the region. Facilities are also available to bathe off the sea water at Guhagar beach after a dip in the sea. Local eateries are also available at the Guhagar beach.

beaches in Guhagar

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar is amongst the first beaches in Konkan from the north to have a white sand beach true to its texture. Almost all the beaches north of the Vashishti river has a thin layer of white sand covering the fine black sand lying underneath. Guhagar beach is the first beach from the north of Konkan (nearer to Mumbai and Pune) amongst many beaches in Maharashtra to have a rue white sand beach.

Guhagar beach is a very long stretch of beach with many entry points along the way. The actual Guhagar beach is characterised by the suru plantation owing to the afforestation efforts made by the athourities and forest department. The Guhagar beach extenda on to the Asgoli beach to its south and Baug beach to its north. Joshua's SCUBA diving made an unsuccessful effort to find a SCUBA dive site near the Baug beach in the north of Guhagar beach.