Guhagar - A Temple Town

Featuring sugar sand beaches lined by suru trees Guhagar is a pleasant getaway from the maddening crowds of the cities and a haven for the beach buff with almost 4kms long stretch of undiscovered pristine beach.

Guhagar is a beach tucked away from the prying eyes of commercialization. Guhagar is a pleasant getaway for the beach buff with almost 4kms long stretch of pristine beach. If you can bear to leave the shades of the suru trees and the turquoise blue sea behind there is lots to see in and around Guhagar. A temple town, Guhagar has scores of temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva, the Vyadeshwar temple 100mts away from the Guhagar ST depot being the most prominent. The Durga devi temple complex located just about five minutes walk away is another prominent temple in Guhagar.

Guhagar Beach

Holidays in Guhagar

Anjanvel lighthouse - Guhagar

The 16th century Anjanvel fort or Gopalgad, now in ruins, is 14kms from Guhagar ST depot. Please dont miss out on the Anjanvel light house, or the Tolekeshwar lighthouse a kilometer from Gopalgad, perched upon a small hillock offering some breathtaking views of the vast expanse of the Arabian sea and the confluence of the Vashishti river and Arabian sea. The Tolekeshwar temple is located just outside the premises of Anjanvel lighthouse.

Dashabhuja Ganpati - Hedvi

If you are on a long holiday and want to explore this region you will find many exciting options strewn across like gems on a crown. Velneshwar and Hedvi, five kilometers from each other, is 26kms from Guhagar towards Tavsal. On the northern end of Guhagar ferry across the Vashishti river and you can walk the lanes of history at the 3rd century archaeological site of Panhalekaji - a series of 29 rock cut cave temples discovered in 1970

Food in Guhagar

Guhagar will be a carnival if you are a sea food lover. You will find many places serving fresh seafood prepared in the rustic Bhandari cuisine. One can find sea food cuisines specific to the Bhandari culinary style in Guhagar. There are many pure-veg restaurants serving the famous Brahmani vegetarian food. A major taluka in Ratnagiri district, in Guhagar one can find the famous Ratnagiri alphonso mangoes and many farms of the acclaimed fruit.

Temples in Guhagar

Vyadeshwar Mandir

Vyadeshwar mandir is the most prominent temple in Guhagar and is one of the most visited temples in Guhagar. Vyadeshwar mandir has the idol of Nandi placed facing the main shrine. Vyadeshwar mandir is a panchayatan temple with temples of Ganesha Ambika Laxmi-Narayana and Surya Narayana at its four corners.

Durga Devi Mandir

The Durga Devi Temple is kul devata of many brahmin clans. The Durga devi mandir is located at walking distance from the vyadeshwar mandir with a pond in the premises. Devicha khamb is a pillar in the Durga devi mandir erected to mark the location of the original temple at the time of reconstruction of the new temple.

Valukeshwar Mandir

Valukeshwar mandir is located at the southern end of Guhagar in Asgoli. Valukeshwar Devsthan is a very old temple and is believed to be from the times of 'puranas'. There is a pillar in the temple with an inscription of the name of Lokmanya Tilak at the devasthan. The temple is located very close to the sea and offer beautiful views.

Bird Watching in Guhagar

Guhagar is located in the shadows of the Sahayadri hill ranges and the hill ranges and its forests are not too far from the beaches of Guhagar. Abloli just about half an hour from Guhagar bus depot is especially famous for the number of different speceis of birds spotted here.

Mr Sachin Karekar has been instrumental in promoting birding in konkan and he has helped birding enthusiasts spot over 100 species of birds in the jungles surrounding Abloli in a day.

Mr Sachin Karekar operates an agro tourism center in Abloli and offer birding trips in the jungles of Konkan surrounding Abloli. A one day trip to Abloli can be organised during your holidays in Guhagar where you can spot over 90 species of birds.

Sachin Karekar