Baug Beach

Baug beach is a secluded stretch of Guhagar beach on its northern end which was opened up owing to a road being built to the beach. Before the road was built there was no access to the beach and the stretch of beach was totally deserted. There is a confluence of a small river with the sea at Baug Beach.

The river changes its direction of flow almost every year resulting in uprooted trees and debris being deposited in different parts of the beach depending on the direction of the flow of water. There is a small stretch of beach with suru trees on the shores reminding one of Keri beach in Goa.

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Baug Beach

Baug beach is located towards the north of Guhagar beach on the way to Anjanvel. As one leaves the plains of the sea shore and climb an incline towards the right a left turn marked by the temple of the village diety can be seen. In less than half a kilometer from here one would get to the secluded stretch of Baug beach.

The long stretch of beach starts at Baug with a hillock on its north. The beach has very fine white sand mixed with black sand because of the river confluence. The afforrested region of the beach is perfect for spending some alone time away from everything. Joshua's SCUBA diving made an unsuccessful effort to find a SCUBA dive site near the Baug beach.