Guhagar Forts
Guhagar - Forts near the Coast..

Gopalgad fort located about 11 kms from Guhagar bus depot is a fort in ruins overlooking the sea. Although not open to tourists at this point in time the views from the hill top with the walls of the fort next to you itself is great. The Anjanvel lighthouse and the Tolekeshwar temple is just about a kilometer from Gopalgad fort. The lighthouse is open between 3-5 pm.

Jaigad Fort

Jaigad fort is located to the south of Guhagar just across the Jaigad creek.  Jaigad creek can be visited if you are ona sightseeing trip to Ganpatipule from Guhagar.

Distances from Major Cities
Gopalgad Fort
Gopalgad fort is a fort which was built on the banks of Vashishti creek for the protection of Dabhol an ancient port city which also finds its mention by the famous geographer from ancient Greece Ptolemy. The fort now is in ruins with some of its walls crumbling. There is a well in the fort almost at the centre around which there are remnants of an erstwhile palace. Some canon balls can be seen in the fort. There is a private Mango orchard in the fort and due to ownership issues the entrance to fort is blocked.
Gopalgad Fort - Guhagar
Gopalgad Fort - Guhagar
Anjanwel Light House - Guhagar
Anjanvel Lighthouse

The Anjanvel light house located very close to the Gopalgad fort stand perched atop a steep hillock and offers panoramic view of the sea and is a nice place to visit escpecially in the evening. Tolekeshwar Temple is located just outside the lighthouse.
Guhagar has one ancient fort overlooking the arabian sea in Gopalgad. To the south of Guhagar just across the Jaigad creek is the Jaigad fort which offer a view of the confluence of the Jaigad creek with the sea. To the north Dapoli is a region with more than one sea fort of which Suvarnadurg near the Harnai coast is the most prominent.
Guhagar Forts
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